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Gradebook FAQs:

  1. HELP: My Gradebook calculations are wrong!
    • Why is my Category Total not calculating correctly and appears highlighted in yellow?
      Yellow cells indicate that the original grade value has been Overridden or Frozen.  Moodle allows you to overwrite grades in your grader report.  If you overwrite an automatically calculated column, such as a  Moodle Quiz or Category Total, then Moodle will freeze that value as “overridden” and highlight the cell in Yellow.It could have been intentional on your part or something triggered it in Moodle. To release this, go to your Grader Report (select Grades from Settings block), Turn Editing on, and click on the yellow Pencil icon in the Yellow cell. Uncheck the OVERRIDDEN box and SAVE.
    • Why is my SUM category showing Weight boxes?  When I average my sum categories the mean is incorrect!   This means your SUM categories have been corrupted.   Only weighted Mean should show weight boxes. You should try to recreate the category and see if it resolves. Otherwise contact CITL.
  2. How can I exclude graded items from being counted towards the students Overall course grade?
    If the item is placed in a grade category with a weighted mean aggregation, then the weight can set to ZERO for any item(s) that you don’t want included in the total.
  3. What is the easiest way to view and grade Assignments and Advanced Forums?
    The Joule Grader (accessible from the Settings block).  Provides a condensed view of grades within a category.  Joule Grader also allows single column grading.
  4. In prior versions I was able to view my grades with the Joule Gradebook in a condensed single-page view. What happened?
    Unfortunately, the Joule Gradebook is no longer available from Moodlerooms
  5. Extra Credit:
    • I created a Quiz worth 105 points. One of my students got 100.  Why does it show in the gradebook as 95.2%?
      Because it calculates the grade as a percentage by dividing by the max points you set for the quiz, for this student 100/105 = 95.2%      
    • How do I add Extra Credit (EC)?
      You need to create a category that uses Simple Weighted Mean (SWM) aggregation.  Then select the checkbox in the Extra Credit column for any item(s) in these categories that are optional extra credit.
    • What is the difference between EC in a SUM versus in a SWM category?  How do I decide which to choose?
      With SUM aggregation a 5-point extra credit item simply adds 5 points to the category total.   With SWM those 5 points would be added to the category total and then divided by the total possible points of all the credit items (not including the extra credit). If the category has 3 items in it, then the  5-point item counts as 1.67 points added for that category, since the 5 gets divided by 3 when the mean is calculated. 

  6. When using a Weighted Mean do the weights have to add to 100%? When using a MEAN, should the category total be set to 100?  Yes, this is the best practice for accurate and consistent results.

To access Moodle 2 and Gradebook FAQs, go to The Teaching and Learning Exhange
(TTLE) Moodle Shell.  You can get directly into the Moodle FAQ Wiki from the blue menu bar.  Select "Frequently Asked Questions" from the Faculty Support dropdown.